Noodle & Rice

D1     Braised beef noodle soups   $9.99

D2     Minced pork and soya paste noodle   $9.99

D3     Vegetable and sliced pork noodle soup    $9.99

D4     Preserved cabbage and pork noodle soup    $9.99

D5     Tomato and egg noodle soup    $9.99

D6     Spicy minced pork noodle    $9.99

D7     Sesame paste noodle  $9.99

D8     Cold noodle w/ sweet and sour soup    $9.99

D9     Fried noodle w/ pork & veg.   $12.99

D10   Fried rice w/ stewed pork and eggs   $12.99

D11   Fried rice w/ chicken    $12.99

D12   Fried rice w/ beef    $12.99

D13   Steamed rice  $1.99


E1     Home style vegetable & pork stew   $15.99

E2     Pork and vermicelli in pickled cabbage soup   $14.99

E3     Braised pork, cabbage and tofu in soup    $14.99

E4     Braised pork, potato and green bean Hot Pots    $14.99

E5     Jumbo meatballs in cabbage Hot Pot    $15.99

E6     Braised beef, tomato and mushroom Hot Pot    $14.99

E7     Sliced lamb, shrimp, Tofu in pickled cabbage Hot Pot    $16.99

E8     Braised pork intestines in Hot Pot    $14.99

E9     Beef and cabbage in spicy soup   $15.99

E10   Bak Choi, meatballs & vermicelli in Hot Pot   $11.99


F1     Stewed pork hock on Bak Choi   $15.99

F2     Stewed jumbo meatballs on Bak Choi   $15.99

F3     Hot and sweet sauteed pork    $13.99

F4     Mu Shu pork (w/ plain pancake)    $13.99

F5     Sweet and sour crispy pork    $13.99

F6     Double cooked sliced pork w/ hot sauce   $12.99

F7     Sauteed pork intestines    $12.99

F8     Sauteed pork meatballs    $11.99

F9     Sauteed pork intestines w/ hot peppers   $12.99

F10   Sauteed pork stomach w/ hot peppers   $12.99

F11   Deep fried pork intestines    $10.99

F12   Braised pork intestines in Hot Pot    $14.99

F13   Deep fried tenderloin strips    $13.99

F14   Kung Pao pork kidney   $12.99

F15   Sauteed crispy pork   $12.99

F16   Salt and pepper pork feet    $14.99

Beef & Lamb

G1     Home style lamb   $15.99

G2     Lamb w/ cumin spices   $15.99<

G3     Sauteed lamb w/ green onions    $15.99<

G4     Sauteed beef w/ green onions    $14.99<

G5     Sauteed beef on sizzling hot plate    $14.99

G6     Hot and spicy sauteed beef    $14.99

G7     Braised beef w/ potatoes    $14.99

G8     Beef and cabbage in spicy soup    $15.99


H1     Sweet and sour fish   $15.99

H2     Fish slices in pickled cabbage soup   $15.99

H3     Poached fish in special spicy oil (large)    $25.99

H4     Poached fish in special spicy oil (small)    $15.99

H5     Deep fried shrimp w/ extra hot peppers   $15.99

H6     Kung Pao Prawn   $15.99

H7     Sweet and sour Prawn    $15.99

H8     Cashew Prawn    $15.99

H9     Sauteed egg whites and fish w/ broccoli   $15.99

Chicken & Duck

J1     Stewed chicken and mushroom in Hot Pot   $15.99

J2     Spicy chicken w/ garlic sauce   $13.99

J3     Deep fried spicy chicken    $13.99

J4     Smoked savory duck (Half)    $16.99

J5     Smoked savory duck (Whole)    $29.99

J6     Chicken w/ Peking sauce    $13.99

J7     Cashew chicken    $15.99

J7     Kung Pao chicken    $13.99


K1     Seafood and Tufo soup (big/small)   $10.99/$8.99

K2     Hot and sour soup (big/small)   $8.99/$6.99

K3     Tomato and egg soup (big/small)    $8.99/$6.99

K4     Cucumber and egg soup (big/small)    $8.99/$6.99

K5     Deep fried Tofu and vermicelli soup (big/small)    $8.99/$6.99

K6     Pickled cabbage and vermicelli soup (big/small)    $8.99/$6.99

K7     Minced lamb soup (big/small)    $8.99/$6.99

K8     Mixed vegetable soup (big/small)    $8.99/$6.99

K9     Poor man’s soup (big/small)   $8.99/$6.99


L1     Sauteed pickled cabbage w/ pork and vermicelli   $13.99

L2     Sauteed potatoes, eggplant and green peppers   $11.99

L3     Sauteed crispy eggplant    $11.99

L4     Minced pork and eggplant    $13.99

L5     Sauteed eggplant on sizzling hot plate    $13.99

L6     Green beans sauteed w/ dried shrimp & minced pork    $11.99

L7     Sauteed assorted vegetables    $11.99

L8     Sauteed cabbage w/ wood ears    $11.99

L9     Sauteed vermicelli with minced pork   $11.99

L10   Sauteed potatoes w/ hot peppers (plain pancake)   $12.99

L11   Sauteed julienne pork w/ hot peppers    $13.99

L12   Sauteed dried tofu w/ hot peppers  $12.99

L13   Sauteed cabbage    $11.99

L14   Sauteed cabbage w/ vermicelli   $11.99

L15   Fried Japanese tofu w/ veg. on hot plate    $13.99

L16   Home style stewed Tofu    $11.99

L17   Hot and spicy tofu w/ minced pork   $11.99

L18   Sauteed baby Bak Choi (Garlic sauce)      $11.99

L19   Sauteed baby Bak Choi ( plain sauce)    $11.99

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