Our Beginning

In 1999, we (The Dumpling King) set up a small restaurant in New Kennedy Square and started to sell traditional north-eastern dumplings. From kneading the dough to rolling the skins, and from mixing the filling to wrapping the dumplings, everything was done by hand. Our handmade dumplings had thin skins but were bursting with flavour, and with different colors and a variety of tastes, we won the favor of customers.

Our Growth

Soon, two years later, we moved to Scarborough with the idea of starting a new restaurant to keep the taste of our dumplings. Time flew, and suddenly 20 years had passed. We watched as our customers changed, from being students, to finding someone they loved, then getting married and having children, and then bringing their children to eat dumplings. And seeing the same elderly customers from ages 80 – 90 spending their birthdays in our restaurant, we also gradually grew up…

Our Future

In recent years, more and more people of different ethnicities have been coming in and asking why not open more restaurants, especially in the north. So in 2019, we opened our second restaurant in Markham. We have always believed that a taste that has been attracting customers for 20 years, a plate of delicious dumplings, and the skills of frying, boiling and steaming food are our purpose.